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Beauty Products

Mikios Natural Body Scrub
Mikios Natural Body Scrub
Click Image to enlarge
Mikios Natural Body Scrub
Click Image to enlarge
Mikios Natural Body Scrub
Click Image to enlarge
Mikios Natural Body Scrub
Click Image to enlarge
Mikios Natural Body Scrub
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....................Barter in Exchange for Advertising, Promotion, Sales, Marketing................... Mikios Natural Body Scrub,, is a product that is made for the skin to exfoliate (remove dead skin cells), and moisturize the skin with 100% natural (no chemical) ingredients. Health Benefits of Natural Ingredients: Olive Oil Epsom Salt Honey Coconut Oil Enhances skin & reduces inflammation Removes dead skin cells Softens the skin Relieves muscle pain and muscle cramps Flushes out toxins Improves skin color & texture Makes insulin more effective Moisturizes and soothes skin Contains antibacterial Ingredients Contains antioxidant ingredients Diminishes stretch marks /scars Speeds up healing of the skin -Prevents the need for lotion after use Information about the Company: Mikios Natural Body Scrub LLC is a USA owned company that manufactures and sells 100% natural homemade salt body scrubs in several flavors: Peppermint, LemonLicious, Lavender, Purple Bliss, Coconut, Strawberry, Vanilla and the company signature flavor, Tropical Yummy. Our body scrubs are very effective with removing dead skin cells, moisturizing and softening skin, healing dry itchy skin, fighting acne, and flushing out toxins. After you use the product for the first time you will see a difference in the look and feel of your skin (even hours after use). The absence of perfumes, chemical preservatives, synthetic dyes, and parabens makes them ideal for use by people with sensitive skin. "Our product is used by a wide spectrum of customers that include everyday people (male and female), professionals, administrative staff, CELEBRITIES, students, and technical professionals from all over the world." Product Ingredients: 100% Natural Address: 225 Main Street, #855, Hiram, Georgia 30141. Email: (Phone): 770-361-0311 or 888-14-5763 / (Fax) 888-356-9048. Subscribe to Channel: , CURRENTLY THERE ARE 50,000 VIEWERS WATCHING OUR PRODUCT. PEPPERMINT VANILLA COCONUT LEMONLICIOUS PURPLE BLISS STRAWBERRY TROPICAL YUMMY Large Jars: Each item weighs 1.2 lbs and is 19.2 ounce Jars. This item can continually ship out with a 1 week turn around time for items over 500 jars at a time. Pictures are actual pictures of the product trademarked by Mikios Natural Body Scrub. Recent Exhibitor at ALIVE EXPO AT THE GEORGIA WORLD CONGRESS CENTER, ATLANTA GA., Top Selling Scrubs: LemonLicious, Coconut, Peppermint.
Barter Amount:  $1,200.00 USD
Qty on Hand:   100
Shipping Cost:  $356.00 USD
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